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Oil & Gas, Energy & Natural Resources Law
In the last 60 years, BLO was among the first law firms in the MENA region who have ensured continual expertise in the Oil and Gas field. BLO assists its clients in the GCC countries and Lebanon ...more
Real Estate Law, Landlord/Tenant legal matters
Our BLO team acquired a strong expertise in enabling our clients to benefit of their properties at any stage of their life-cycle. Thus this area of law deals with a variety of related issues, ...more
Personal Status Law
As a mosaic country in terms of diversity of religions, the personal status Law constitutes a major branch in Lebanese Law. We, at BLO, provide legal services to our clients that cover all aspects ...more
Lara Karam Boustany, Lebanese International Fertility Summit 2019, Beyrouth...
Lara Karam Boustany, RFDA 2019, n...
Lara Karam Boustany, « La Cour internationale de justice et les droits de l’homme », Union Internationale des Avocats, conférence de Beyrouth, mai 2018...
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