Our history speaks for itself:
1879 till today
The passion for Justice and the Law accompanied the erudite and translator of the Iliad back in the nineteenth century namely Soliman El Boustany who was appointed around 1879 as Judge within the Ottoman Empire prior to being appointed successively as a member of Parliament then Second President of the Ottoman Senate, then Minister of the Industry, Mines & Forests. Following his own experience, he advised his brother Sélim, then his nephew Philippe to embark on the legal and judicial professions.
From Paris to

It began with Dr. Sélim Boustany who has started his law studies in 1891 at the Universities of Paris and Lille in France. After obtaining his Ph D in Law in 1897, he travelled to Egypt where he founded his own law office. Few years later, his nephew Maître Philippe R. Boustany joined the law office and managed it for more than 8 years.
From Cairo to Beirut, then Libya
After having successfully managed the law office in Cairo, both the ambition and patriotic sense of Maître Philippe R. Boustany carried him back to expand in his homeland where he established in 1939 another law office in Beirut. Later on, he travelled to North Africa (Libya) where he was appointed as a member of the British Courts in Libya and the President of the Chari's tribunals. Moreover, Judge Philippe R. Boustany has founded the first School of Law in Libya and not only established the judicial system in this country, but also helped along with the Egyptian jurist Al-Sanhoury and the Italian Finzi, in the codification of several Libyan laws such as the Maritime code, Penal Code and Civil Code. In 1953: the son of Judge Philippe R. Boustany namely Maître Soliman P. Boustany took over and ensured the continuity of the family's legal heritage
The expansion to
the Gulf
Maître Soliman P. Boustany took the initiative to develop the legal activity of the Boustany Law Office in the Gulf countries. Being the first among his peers to take such a visionary step, he moved between the main cities in the region and especially in Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras-el-Khaima where he turned out to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy advisers to many of the royals and rulers. Since then, BLO took its shape as an international law firm where its owner became the legal consultant of international conglomerates, regional companies and local SMEs operating in all kinds of distribution and international commerce and more importantly, in specific fields such as Oil and Gas, Civil Works, Dredging and Banking.
In the heart of
Europe: Brussels
Maître Reem S. Boustany the daughter of Maître Soliman P. Boustany, established the family's first law office in Belgium, Europe. This office has expertise not only in Civil Law, Corporate Law and Litigation, but also and more specifically, in Maritime Law, Air Law and Criminal Law.
Back to Paris
The intention to develop the offices' activity in Europe did not stop at the borders of Brussels but it reached Paris, where the office was established in 2007 by the son of Maître Soliman P. Boustany namely Maître Philippe S. Boustany. BLO's office in Paris is domiciled at Carbonnier-Lamaze-Rasle a well-known French office that comprises 100s of people specialized in among other areas of law: Banking, Corporate, Economical, Competition, Distribution, Labour, Construction, Tax and New Technologies law.
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