Lebanon has always been a country of emigrants and the Lebanese diaspora is among the largest, efficiently present and most influential in countries all over the world. The global economy and the present situation in the Middle East have led the majority of the Lebanese to seek education, work, most of the time living abroad.

At BLO, lawyers have professionally coped with such necessity taking into the consideration the business and law requirements of the targeted jurisdictions and consequently got acquainted along with their network of lawyers to offer the following services:

  • Obtaining temporary visitor, study or work permits in Canada


  • Obtaining permanent residency visa for business people and immediate family members to Canada


  • Filing administrative and judicial recourses when needed before the Canadian courts and relevant authorities.


  • Obtaining temporary visitor, study work permits and/or residency permit in France.


  • Filing administrative and judicial recourses when needed before the French courts and relevant authorities.


  • Obtaining the European permanent Residency permit through Cyprus and Greece Immigration schemes in addition


  • Obtaining the Cypriot and Greek citizenships through real estate investment programs


  • Obtaining the European temporary Residency through real estate investments in Spain
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