Antitrust, Competition & European Business Law

BLO lawyers have an extensive experience in advising national and international companies ranging from large multinational conglomerates to local SMEs, thus handling large number of commercial and financial transactions in various sectors.

What sets BLO lawyers apart is their capacity along with their international network of lawyers to render legal services in several jurisdictions around the globe.

We advise our clients on general commercial matters and handle commercial legal services starting with company formation and legal follow up in the daily course of business as well as throughout the company’s on-going development and expansion such as but not limited to:

  • Private Equity


  • Mergers & Acquisitions between local or international companies and according to local and/or international M&A applicable rules


  • Corporate Finance and Management


  • Corporate formation and all formalities in compliance with applicable rules and regulations


  • Corporate secretarial work such as drafting and registering the minutes of meetings at the Registry of Commerce


  • Legal due diligence for companies and their founders and signatories.


  • CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Corporate Governance


  • AML compliance


  • Regulatory


  • Public Private Partnerships (PPP) & Privatization


  • Company Winding-up, Insolvency proceedings and Bankruptcy


  • Incorporation of business entities worldwide


  • Trusts
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