Personal Status Law

As a mosaic country in terms of diversity of religions, the personal status Law constitutes a major branch in Lebanese Law.
We, at BLO, provide legal services to our clients that cover all aspects of personal status:

  • Advising on Inheritance legal aspects with respect to nineteen official religious communities, carrying-out inheritance formalities and procedures related to property transfers


  • Succession planning, wills' drafting and enforcement


  • Engagement, pre-nuptial agreements


  • Marriage and counseling on civil marriage legal matters


  • Divorce, annulment and dissolution


  • Child custody and child abduction


  • Alimony and spousal support


  • Adoption.

Moreover, members of our Office have worked on the Project financed by the Arab Women Organization and the Arab League related to the personal status of women in the Arab World and on drafting several bills whether in view of enabling Lebanese women to grant their nationality to their children or with respect to fighting domestic violence.

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