Health & Life Sciences Litigation

We, at BLO, being aware of the importance of the unrivaled health sector in Lebanon geared with highly competent health professionals and well established university health institutions, have a team of health law specialists in both public and private health sectors willing to respond to client's requests in a highly competent, strictly professional and timely manner:


  • Consultancy and Training
    Our experience in this field covers among other things:
    1) Auditing contracts between practitioners and health care institutions
    2) Drafting regulations and legislations
    3) Drafting health care cooperation agreements between health care institutions
    4) Advising health professionals and academics in the life sciences and health professions with respect to their relations with the health service provider and/or educational establishments
    5) Regulatory follow up and advice on Medical Ethics and Bioethics' laws and regulations
    6) Training specifically designed for health professionals on legal and contractual instruments
    7) Taking part in conferences in connection with the health care sector and medical ethics


  • Litigation
    We handle different disputes related to health care such as:
    1) Disputes related to contractual agreements concerning physicians or paramedical professionals with health care institutions (fees, termination of contract, exclusivity ...)
    2) Disputes regarding administrative decisions in connection with health care institutions, pharmaceuticals and laboratories
    3) Disputes regarding product liability and defects
    4) Disputes regarding medical and hospital liability both in private and public sectors


  • We cover the needs of a large scope of actors in the medical and health care sector:
    Health care and medico-social institutions such as:
    1) Public and private hospitals
    2) Associations, foundations and non-profit institutions active in the health field
    3) Homes for the elderly
    Health care professionals:
    1) General practitioners and specialist physicians
    2) Paramedical professionals: pharmacists, nurses ...
    3) Physicians specialized in technical facilities: radiologists, radiotherapists, biologists ...
    Medical products and devices, pharmaceuticals:
    1) Importers and distributors
    2) Pharmacies
    3) Laboratories
    4) Manufacturers
    5) Bio-medical equipment
    6) Cosmetics
    1) Insurance companies (professional risks ...)
    2) Investment banks
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