Employment & Social Security Law

Our business-focused lawyers can advise corporate clients whether in commercial, professional or industrial sectors about employment legal matters in the following array of services:

  • Individual employment agreements


  • Collective employment agreements


  • Regulatory and advisory on Trade Unions and Syndicates' legal relations with their members


  • We represent employers in their disputes with employees whether at the mediation level at the Ministry of Labor or eventually at a later stage before the Arbitral Councils sitting in Labor matters


  • We help our clients elaborate their Work Policies and Codes of Conduct and Employees' Manual


  • We help our clients to draft and register their Internal Rules before relevant authorities


  • General employees' legal matters especially if related to work redundancy, early retirement programs and compensations schemes


  • Non-Competition and employment related redemption issues


  • Workplace safety and work accidents


  • Workplace policies for diversity, non-discrimination and protection of privacy


  • Employment matters in connection with our clients' overseas operations
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