Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Our litigators are well trained and acquainted with Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution practices and they provide an uncompromised support across our key sectors both nationally and internationally especially when multijurisdictional disputes arise.

Lawyers of BLO are also members of International Arbitration bodies and courts and it is with great professionalism that they assist clients to go through an out-of-court dispute resolution in a pragmatic and result-driven way.

For the last decades, BLO lawyers have acted in Ad Hoc arbitration proceedings in matters among others, related to internal dispute concerning private wealth, ruling families or international companies.

BLO have settled disputes as per the following example:

  • Arbitration in national and international jurisdictions in various seats, according to applicable rules such as UNICITRAL, ICC and European Court of Arbitration


  • Ad Hoc Arbitration according to applicable rules and regulations


  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions: ADR, ODR


  • Mediation: settling dispute using a neutral third party prior to a formal process, during a formal process or after a formal process while appeal is pending
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